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Annual Awards Dinner and Meeting

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Our annual Awards Dinner was held in the Grill Room at Stamford Yacht Club, on January 24, with Class Chairman Rob Coster and Rules Committee Chairman Dick Morris presiding. Because of a slight misunderstanding in booking the venue (ahem) we had an open bar, which proved a popular feature. Some have expressed the hope that a similar misunderstanding will occur next year.

The annual meeting saw four rule changes approved. Of the two more important ones, the first removes the requirement to keep a boat in the water for at least 3 days before the start of the Nationals. Rob emphasized that this is not intended to invite dry-sailing, but eliminates a rule that has been consistently waived in recent years. The second significant rule change is to the method by which jibs are measured, bringing us into line with standard practice. The new method eliminates the guesswork and “fudging” previously necessary when using our old templates with modern jib designs.

Season prizes for 2018 were awarded, including two new trophies replacing those that were lost a couple of years ago. These were the Sewall Trophy for Race 2, and the Hinman for Race 5. In the first case, Dr. Sydney Sewall Jr., son of the original honoree, has generously replaced the lost trophy with an identical silver bowl. The Hinman has been replaced with the "Inflation" Trophy, a handsome silver ewer originally awarded in 1939 to CSHBC member Allan Klotz for finishing second at the Nationals, recently donated to the class.

Championship Trophy: Steve Benjamin

Founder’s Trophy (race 1): Scott Reichhelm

Sewall Trophy (race 2): Steve Benjamin

YRA East of Rye Trophy (race 3): Dave Peck

Curtis Trophy (race 4): Chris Wittstock

Inflation Trophy (race 5): Tim Britton

Goodwin Trophy (race 6): Steve Benjamin

Olson Trophy (first time skipper): Tom Davidson

Williams Trophy (season participation): Norm Peck III

Janeway Trophy: Guy Gurney


All Awards Dinner attendees received an etched glass commemorating the 90th edition of the Nationals in 2018. There are a few glasses left over: if you are a class member but couldn't attend the dinner, contact Scott Reichhelm and ask him for one.




The Great Atlantic: The First 85 Years

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2019 Events

Annual Meeting and Awards Dinner at Stamford Yacht Club

January 24

National Championship at Cedar Point Yacht Club

August 15-17 

Indian Harbor Yacht Club Classic Yacht Regatta

September 14

Janeway Memorial Series at Cold Spring Harbor

September 28-29

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